The NIC MONACO places at your disposal a " Check zone " tool for you to check, if necessary, the configuration of the primary and secondary DNS of the " .mc " domain name you wish to register.

Before carrying out the Check zone, you must register the requested domain name on its primary and secondary DNS.

How to use the check zone ?

To use this tool, you must click on AFNIC ZoneCheck Program√ The procedure is as follows :

  • After clicking on AFNIC check, you must enter :
    • The domain name in Zone or ticket
    • An e-mail address
    And click on Search

  • The domain name will appear in Zone, you must enter the primary and secondary DNS.

      Name      Address     primary server
      Name      Address     secondary server

  • Click first on Include the help messages then on Check

The Check Zone (for the primary and secondary servers) checks namely :

  • The sending of e-mail to the " contact zone " ;
  • The contents of the zone (SOA and MX recording) ;

And gives the test results. If the verdict of the Check Zone is negative, you must make the necessary corrections until the domain can be installed...

Note :This operation can take from 30 seconds to 5 minutes according to the number of servers, the servers' waiting periods and the server's speed.