Obtaining rules

The Direction des Plateformes et des Ressources Numériques only accepts applications for Monegasque domain names from commercial entities or public or private bodies or institutions.
Applications for individuals or informal groupings are not accepted. A domain name may represent the name of a company or organisation or its acronym, a trademark or an association.

The composition of a domain name must meet a few simple requirements :

  • The length of a domain name must be between 3 and 64 characters.
  • The only characters permitted in domain names are :
    • letters from " a " to " z "
    • numbers from " 0 " to " 9 "
    • " - " (hyphens)
  • No other characters may be used, including " " (space), "." (dot) et " / " (slash) and accented characters.

  • A domain name is attributed to a single entity.
  • Before applying, you should check that the name you want is available.
  • The domain name must match the name of your company (or a brand name clearly registered in the Trade & Industry Register).
  • When a domain name is attributed, this means that the applicant has been granted the right to use it.

Disputes surrounding the use of domain names are dealt with between the parties concerned. NIC MONACO’s role is to run the domain name register. It does not perform prior searches of domain names. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check that their desired domain name does not infringe any prior rights, including those relating to intellectual property and trademark law.